Alleluia! He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

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Wed Dinner 6 pm
Wed Bible Study  7 pm
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We are a supportive welcoming community accepting of all people. 

We strive to serve our neighbors as we follow Christ and His example for living.


The Disciples Covenant Group

Thursday 5/28 at 6 p.m.



  What does Pentecost mean?


ACTS 1:5  "... before many days you will be baptized by the Holy Spirit... " (Jesus)


It's the season of Pentecost, which for the Jews was a celebration of harvest ... but for us, it is the exciting coming of the Holy Spirit! 


For many modern people, the idea of God's Spirit being accessible to us is a little ... weird.


But for the Christian, it means ... POWER. 

The power of answered prayer,

the power of creativity,

the power of healing,

the power of God at work in the world!


Is this real?  It is, and almost any Christian can tell you that there have been times when we have been saved from personal or group death --- by the gift of God's Spirit in our situation!


Check it out!  We are experiencing this in our church --- right now!


J. Richard Hartsfield, Pastor


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