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  Jeremiah 29:7

"But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare." - NRSV


This is probably not what you are expecting in the way of a devotional.  GOOD!


As the scripture above states, we are to live as good citizens in the country in which we find ourselves.  In our country, we even have a responsibility to improve it.  Here's ten things we can do to improve our country which I happen to love very much!

1)  Work to eliminate the graduated income tax.        

It robs Americans of initiative and freedom.  A flat tax would not do that.  God makes do on 10%.

2)  Decriminalize drug abuse.  

Yes, it's horrible.   But there are better solutions than jail.  I know, because I have been a part of one.  The success rate was unbelievable!  What we really need to do is decrease the MARKET for recreational drugs.

3)  VOTE!  They are still scared of us, because there are so many of us.

4)  Take back your neighborhood!  Make it an irritating place for irritating people and a good place for good people.

5)  Ask for help!  Are you encountering difficulties whith the legal system?  Ask your representative for help. That is why he is there.  

(If he doesn't help, it helps you with #3.)

6)  Obey the law!  I know - no fun, but if you think the law is wrong, agitate to change it.   Remember, it is the citizens who make the country great - not the cops.

7)  Dream, Plan, Do!  It is what made this country great! 

Think about it!  Use your freedom.

8)  Be free!  It is what we do here!

9)  Help others.  Support Americans who are living the dream!

10)  And this is the hardest one for you and me:   Believe that the country can still be saved from all its difficulties.   Pray!


God bless America!


 J. Richard Hartsfield, M. Div.

New Hope Presbyterian Church Pastor



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